SlickClick DBMS

SlickClick Database Management System provides a competitive advantage by organizing your data which allows your business to make more accurate, data driven decisions.
SlickClick DBMS helps you store and organize data for your Tasks, Facilities, People and Forms which your business is focused on.

Why SlickClick DBMS?
Access anywhere, on any device
Your data is stored on our secure cloud so you can access it from anywhere. It also means you can run your business from the office, the car or the kitchen table.

Always up-to-date
Gone are the days of downloading software and upgrading with every new release. With SlickClick DBMS, you can automatically access the latest version immediately as soon as it released.

Custom Integration
SlickClick DBMS allows for the creation of a custom integration for your ERP to fully utilize your DB. Our Restful Web API and data exports provides great flexibility for your business to share data with internal or external systems.

Store only information you are interested in
With the help of extension fields, you can create new custom fields and assign them to the relevant facilities. In this way, you don’t have to wait for our developers to add new fields for you in the system. This can save huge amount of time and cost for your business.

Store and organize Time Specific Data
SlickClick DBMS offers variable feature which can help you create new variables and store value against each variable for a period of time. This feature allows you to use your data for advance analysis and forecasting.