Managed IT Services

Our managed IT team is comprised of two main business units; managed IT Services and Professional Services.

To provide world-class Services, we utilize industry leading technology and tools, a team of highly skilled professionals, and a proactive approach to how we deliver our services to your business.

Managed IT Services:

Managed IT Services involves providing our clients with two main models of service, all-inclusive IT support and IT services. These customizable service models allow us to streamline the overall delivery of IT support and ensures that the services you subscribe to are aligned with your business requirements. Our Managed IT Services business unit focuses on providing monthly IT support, IT management, IT monitoring services, managed backup services and managed security services.

Professional Services:

Our Professional Services business unit focuses on providing clients with high-level IT project planning, scoping, and implementation. The dedicated Professional Services Team is comprised of industry experienced professionals including Senior Consultants, Project Managers, and Solution Architects. Here at SlickClick, our PS team plays several key roles in the overall process of enabling our customers to get more from their technology.  Our highly trained and specialized Professional Services Team act as your invaluable ongoing guides in this partnership.

Core Services:

IT Support:

Are you waiting too long to get problems resolved? Our 24x7x365 Help Desk services ensures your staff achieves optimal productivity by having the help they need, when they need it. Our service delivery teams are structured in a way to provide you with a rapid remote response and on-site presence as required. We have combined our onsite abilities with an exceptional ability to remotely monitor, maintain and remediate issues efficiently for our clients. Currently, over 95% of service calls are being performed remotely saving our clients’ time, money and aggravation. 

Virtual CIO (vCIO):

Is your current provider just focused on more sale? It’s more than just sale and keeping things going, it’s about elevating your business by maximizing your technology investment. We have a team of full-time virtual CIOs who can plug into your business, understand your requirements, and align your business goals with the right technology solutions.

Managed Backup:

It’s not just about backups, it’s about business continuity! Our Managed Backup solution is a backup and disaster recovery platform focused on ensuring your business data is not just backed up, but also ensuring you have the ability to rapidly recover in the event of a failure. We provide unlimited onsite and offsite data storage in cloud which provides true geographic redundancy. There are two versions of the Nucleus Managed Backup solution; a server backup and desktop/laptop backup solution.

Server Backup:

Our Managed Backup solution for servers replicates your internal backups locally and to our Disaster Recovery Data Center (DRDC) in the cloud. This traffic is encrypted before transit, cannot be read, and provides unlimited offsite backup storage in our cloud DRDC. In the event of a disaster, if your backend infrastructure is damaged and/or not easily restored, your backups can be initialized and turned on at the DRDC which gets your organization up and running rapidly compared to the traditional rebuild and restore scenario. We recommend that every organization subscribe to this critical service as this solution is fully integrated into our ticketing and management systems. This means that your backup health will also be included within our monthly reports.

Workstation Backup:

Our Managed Backup solution for workstations replicates your data directly to the cloud and is stored in a secure datacenter located in the region of your choice. For this solution, there is no local on-site device required. This backup solution ensures that we can provide clients without servers a safe and secure way to back up, store, and retrieve data in the event that a desktop/laptop is damaged or corrupted.

Cloud Services:

Is your business ready for the cloud? Our extensive experience migrating organizations to the cloud will ensure you take advantage of the right cloud-based platforms. Whether it be your servers, or exploring Software as a Service options; we will maximize your private or public loud investment.

IT Infrastructure:

Do you have real-time insight into your network activity? Is the right team managing your IT infrastructure? It takes a certain skillset to manage, maintain, and optimize a physical, virtual, or cloud server environment and enterprise network infrastructures. Our team is comprised of industry certified server specialists to ensure that your key-line business applications and IT infrastructure are running at optimal performance levels with guaranteed uptime.

IT Consulting:

Are you using the right technology for your business? Our team of Senior Consultants drives industry best practices to help you maximize the use of technology within your business. We identify weaknesses, present you with opportunities for improvement, and implement cutting-edge technology solutions.

Managed Security:

Are you protected from all angles? Our Managed Security solution ensures your desktops, laptops, servers, and most importantly, your business data, is protected. Our Managed Security solution utilizes a multi-layer approach to securing your network which protects you from malicious threats and data theft.

Our Managed Security suite consists of desktop, laptop, and server security software to protect your information systems and business data. Our suite consists of both Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware technology to ensure your systems are protected from all threats. We also utilize a secondary cloud-based service to provide an additional layer of security for your network and IT assets.

Our Managed Security suite is fully integrated with our existing service delivery platforms. This involves direct integration with our monitoring and ticketing systems to ensure that infections and security events are logged, reviewed, and actioned if required.

Monthly Service Management Meetings:

Your dedicated Client Success Manager will meet with you monthly to walk you through the monthly report that you will receive. These monthly meetings allow us to identify IT trends and areas for improvement such as training or new technology solutions.

Technology Scorecard Reviews:

On an ongoing basis, we will assess your current IT environment against your business plans and build an Information Technology roadmap. This provides total transparency into the current state of your IT environment. We will benchmark your IT environment against industry best practices and identify where changes need to be made. This process also allows us to define an IT budget and serves as a guide for annual IT project initiatives. This roadmap will be reviewed and updated as part of our monthly meeting rhythm.

24 x 7 Support:

Not all MSPs are built the same.  Not all offer true 24×7 support.  Some will monitor your infrastructure around the clock, others will even respond to alerts via a single individual assigned to pager duty (a.k.a. the “single point of failure”) but a true 24×7 MSP will not only provide remote monitoring but also remediation non-stop and staff their Service Desk so live help is always available.  This is a service we are proud to offer our clients.

Personalized Service / Unique Delivery Model:

We understand that you require regular onsite service by a dedicated technical resource to address user and equipment issues which cannot be addressed remotely, and to liaise with 3rd party vendors etc.  We have a team of experienced, customer focused onsite technicians who can deliver the service your staff requires.

Service Delivery:

We offer service level commitments (SLAs) so that you know what to expect. We can also tailor our service levels to meet your specific business needs. Our committed response and resolution times are based on severity levels according to the impact and urgency of the incident to your business. Therefore, issues that are business critical are always given priority.

Our Help Desk Team is the single point of contact for all your End-User’s needs. Whether they are having an issue (an Incident), need something (a service request), or just have a general question they can call, email, virtually chat, or submit a ticket from their desktop 24x7x365. Our Help Desk is staffed with personable, technical people who are trained to record, troubleshoot, and resolve issues on first contact. In situations where the Help Desk Team cannot resolve an issue, additional support specialists can be brought in either remotely or to your office.

Our service delivery is based upon the following:

  • Industry best practices/ITIL standards
  • Years of IT support experience
  • First point of contact is always triaged
  • Our Level 1 Support is as good as Level 3 Support
  • Service Delivery is grouped into specific teams
  • Team compensation based on key metrics
  • Constant communication with clients
  • Broad focus/long term awareness and solution implementation processes for resolution

SlickClick employs a proactive (versus reactive) service model.  This means SlickClick uses technology traditionally geared towards large enterprises to take care of technology issues before they can become disruptive issues, often before you (the customer!) ever senses a problem.  SlickClick also prides itself on being both responsible & responsive – on being always available, friendly and alert as your professional, technology advisor. At SlickClick customer service begins from within.  We have mutual respect, admiration and support for all team members.  We don’t use the word “staff” – we are a team.  Our team members have a drive and energy to make technology un-complicated for our customers.  Our attitude and philosophy are the key first steps in keeping our customers satisfied.  Our efforts are only useful however if we know what our customer thinks and feels.  To address that, we measure the pulse of our customers on a quarterly basis with a customer satisfaction survey called Client Heartbeat.  This ongoing methodology, along with regular interactions with your Client Success Manager and Virtual CIO and post-ticket pop-up surveys, allow us to constantly interact and gauge our success in our ability to create a culture of raving fans.

Onboarding and transition of support service:

We follow a standard and proven set of processes for the transition of support services. Whether you have no current IT support provider or you’re working with an existing IT support provider, we can provide a seamless transition experience.

  1. Initial discovery meeting
  2. Current state technical assessment
  3. Define, review and document IT processes and Systems
  4. Develop Service catalog
  5. Present partnership proposal
  6. Enter IT service agreement
  7. Kickoff onboarding
  8. Setup and deploy IT Services tools
  9. Go Live with Support and training

From the commencement of onboarding, our transition time is typically between 2-4 weeks. A longer transition period allows for better preparation and understanding of your environment. This generally improves the transition and allows us to support you more efficiently from the beginning. However, we have completed transitions in as little as 1 week.