SEO Services

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s unpaid results—often referred to as “natural,” “organic,” or “earned” results. Search engine optimization is an area of website development that seeks to improve the way content is ranked by search engines in organic search results. 

The purpose of SEO is to dramatically increase the amount of targeted traffic to your website through higher rankings in major search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. We will do this by 1) properly optimizing your website and 2) building the authority of your website in the eyes of major search engines.

Our approach:

In the early months of the campaign our work will focus on exploring the search terms your customers are using to find you. During this time, we review and tweak optimization your existing website content to lay the groundwork for future optimization. We also kick off your link acquisition campaign and review and reputation marketing, as well as complete a Technical Audit of the site. In the following months, we focus on maintenance and growth to continue the momentum, make tweaks to optimization and explore new opportunities for optimizing your brand online. This progressive optimization ensures your website is constantly evolving and meeting the always-changing Search Engine standards, and ensures you get regular updates as to the performance of your website. 

The methods we use are backed by nearly 20 years of experience in the Search Marketing industry and are geared to ensure the Search Engines recognize you as an authority within your field. The result of establishing your credibility with the Search Engines means high rankings for keyword phrases (both specific target and general) as well as more visitors to your website that are actively looking for what you provide. 

Once the campaign starts your SEO team will provide a specific strategy for the website and specific actions needed to succeed.  Much like doing renovations on a house it is hard to know exactly what is needed until we get into the website. 

Our team of SEO’s are a cut above the rest because we know how to properly address the 200+ SEO ranking factors needed to do well in Search Results. We provide a customized search marketing solution specific to your website not cookie cutter solutions that other lower cost options provide. It is because of this that we are able to get better and more sustainable ranking visibility and traffic than lower cost solutions.

Technical Website Audit:

As you look for more visibility and exposure it is crucial to make your website as accessible for Search Engines to crawl, index, and rank in Search Results. Essentially, we need to remove any roadblocks or hindrances that could keep the Search Engines from properly ranking your website. In our experience by doing this we are able to help our clients achieve results that otherwise would not be achieved simply through content and link optimization.

As we identify and help correct deficiencies to improve your site and its performance you gain a better understanding of what needs to happen next with your website. This is often the difference between good and great results!

The technical audit occurs in the first several months of your campaign with findings and recommendations provided by your SEO Manager. 

Keyword Research and Development:

In the early stages of your campaign we develop a list of relevant search phrases people are using to find your products and services. Knowing these phrases focuses optimization on attracting more qualified traffic and more customers. 

Our keyword optimization approach is to continually work to improve your site content and add new relevant content (through blog articles) to further support your targeted keyword phrases. We find that this approach gains rankings for numerous other related (long-tail) keyword terms that may or may not be searched on as much but still directly support your business and support the keyword phrases that we are targeting. 

This a long-term strategy that means over time, the total number of keywords phrases your website can be found for is cumulative and continues to grow. Your website naturally becomes more and more relevant for the target keyword phrases we initially started with and helps to improve your rankings and visibility.

Link Acquisition Campaign:

Backlinks (incoming links) refer to all links on other websites that refer to your website. Search Engines use backlinks as a cue for sorting and prioritizing search results. Essentially, a backlink tells the Search Engines that they promote or recommend the website. Websites with more quality backlinks tend to rank better.

A link acquisition approach is beneficial for websites that already have a technically sounds website with optimized website content. Everything is already in place but there is still something missing to get the added boost in rankings and visibility. Websites that have been hit with Google link penalties in the past also need new, good quality links to help their website start to gain back lost rankings and traffic.

We follow a merit-based white hat manual approach that focuses on earning high quality backlinks that will benefit your website. A link manager is assigned an email address on behalf of your company (example to contact potential link leads on behalf of your company. 

Our general approach for link acquisition is ongoing process:

  • Keyword Research – identify and monitor rankings for critical keywords.
  • Industry Familiarization – review what types of sites link to the sites in your industry.
  • Competitor Research – review the link profiles of top-ranking websites and understand who top ranked competitors are earning links from.
  • Content outreach link strategy – develop strategy to acquire links through tactics such as linkbait content, guest blogging, etc.
  • Manual outreach – contact potential websites one at a time in order to earn or acquire a link.
  • New link opportunities – suggest links that can be acquired with monetary investments that still follow white hat strategies, such as memberships, sponsorships, etc.
  • Industry Specific Databases – submissions to a handful of industry specific databases, directories, curated lists, etc.
  • Leverage content to acquire links – help with improving areas of the website content-wise so that it can then be leveraged to acquire links.

Blog Articles:

A blog has several benefits to your website and overall online search optimization strategy:

  • A blog allows you to talk about a much broader range of topics related to your products and industry that may not necessarily fit anywhere else in your sales copy or on your main pages.
  • Greater opportunity to add constantly add new content which shows the Search Engines that your site is active and that their crawlers should come visit it more often to find new content.
  • Also, each new blog post is one more page indexed, which adds to your overall authority.
  • Each new blog post can also be promoted through any Social Media efforts you have, and used in email blasts, and shared wherever possible.
  • You can work to convert blog visitors into leads.
  • Visitors who come to your site through your blog and find an answer to their question are more likely to trust you and come into the sales process better educated. 
  • Your blog can also become an archive or wealth of knowledge that adds to your overall site authority.

Blogging is very important, especially with the type of content that will be created for your website. We will capitalize on long-tail niche relevant blog posts to gain residual rankings for niche keywords.  Our blog optimization strategy will enhance your visibility, taking searches into consideration. 500 to 700 words per blog are recommended for you.  The blog content will also be distributed on social media:

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc…. Blog photos will be included to give the topic more traction on social platforms.

Content Optimization:

Content optimization is important because it makes your content easier to read while integrating targeted keywords and regions. Properly optimized content helps your website be found for your brand, products and services in your city/cities and offers visitors the information they need from you.

For websites with well-optimized content (on page text, meta data title, description, and keyword tags, cross linking, subheadings, image alt tags, etc.) we will review optimization and make any necessary tweaks.

For websites lacking content optimization we will go through the main landing pages to ensure that keywords are properly integrated.

As new content is added we can help with content optimization and look for ways to improve site structure and usability, further supporting the targeted keyword phrases in your SEO Campaign. We aim to enhance your website’s credibility and consistency.  The result is better page performance, visitor experience, and conversions or sales.

Off -Page Optimization:

Many sites linking to your websites have low authority. Social Metrics on the websites linking to your site are very low.  We will enhance your backlink profile with sites that have good social signals, taking into consideration the following:

1. Strength

2. Sentiment

3. Passion

4. Reach

There is a footprint of what is called your “network – same IPs linking to your site – this can be banned by Google and could result in a penalty.  We will work on finding those links, assess the effect on your site and take appropriate action.

We will analyze your backlinks profile and establish strategies to correct you’re: 

1. Internal / External Links

2. Internal/ External Followed Links

3. Linking Root Domain

4. Followed Linking Root Domains

5. Follow vs. No Follow ratio

6. TLD Distribution

Monthly SEO Update:

This campaign includes a monthly campaign update with key metrics to show your website’s growth in traffic and visibility. You will know what we have been working on, how your website is growing, and how much return you are getting from your SEO.

What Makes Us Different?

Our primary focus is to help our clients set realistic goals based on their market and to develop long

term feasible strategies that have strong potential for sustainable success.

  • As our client you will be assigned a veteran SEO Project leader with at least 10 years of experience.
  • Our proven SEO methods are based on our ability to perform Detailed Site Audits which identify deeper SEO issues and work towards correcting them before optimization even begins. We typically find and correct issues other SEO companies miss.
  • A deep understanding of Search Engine history and how Search Engines work enable us to achieve long term, stable visibility for our clients with scalable growth. 
  • We protect the integrity of your business by following a Best Practices approach employing only ethical, industry accepted strategies. 
  • The ability to explore the best options to grow your visibility in the Search Engines means that you will have multiple solutions for any issue we come across.

Accelerated Mobile Performance and Mobile Optimization

Having a mobile optimized website will help improve your search engine ranking because search engines are starting to develop mobile crawlers that will create mobile-only indexes. Accelerated Mobile Performance (AMP) allows for faster rendering of web pages on mobile devices and is recommended by Google. It has three components: AMP HTML is a simple redesign of HTML with specific AMP commands, AMP JS is javascript for mobile that ensures quick page rendering, AMP Content Delivery Network will cache your AMP content for fast delivery. In Google searches on a mobile device, there is now a carousel of search results that only includes webpages that have implemented AMP.  

While AMP is not yet a ranking factor, it does drive more traffic and visitors, especially from mobile devices where your website is more likely to be a top result in Google’s carousel.

Local search optimization

Every small, or multi-location company can grow their business and attract more customers using Local SEO strategies. Local SEO is an effective way to market your business online. It helps businesses promote their products and services to local customers at the exact time they’re looking for them. Local SEO uses a variety of strategies — getting your site ranked on search engines like Google, business, Google My Business listing, Bing Places for Business page, localized content on your website, online reviews and other strategies.